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Madrid is already the third most attractive European city for real estate investment

The city's investment in basic infrastructure needs, a pleasant climate, flexible development standards and quality of life has boosted the Spanish capital

Madrid has reached third place in the ranking of the most attractive European cities for real estate investment and development in 2023, according to the Emerging Real Estate Trends Europe report by PwC and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). The city ranks behind London and Paris due to its steady growth in investment opportunities over the last decade, supported by infrastructure investments, a favorable climate, flexible development standards and quality of life. Although London and Paris occupy the first two places, Madrid stands out as one of the fastest growing European real estate markets. The report notes that real estate investors are focusing on cities that offer liquidity in times of higher risk, and highlights the rise of Madrid, Milan and Lisbon in the ranking. On the other hand, German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg have dropped in the rankings due to the gloomy economic outlook for Germany in 2024.

Source: La Razón

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