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Tell me what country you are from and I will tell you what home you are looking for in Madrid

Madrid has become one of the benchmark real estate markets for foreign investors.

Madrid has become an attractive real estate market for foreign investors, who purchased 80% of the luxury homes in the Spanish capital last year. Buyers from different countries have varying preferences depending on their origin. Mexicans and Venezuelans prefer central areas like Salamanca and Chamberí, which combine historical charm with contemporary amenities. They look for elegant properties with services such as a doorman and garage. On the other hand, buyers from other Latin American countries lean towards areas like La Latina and Malasaña, seeking modern and bright apartments between 100 and 150 square meters.

Argentinians are attracted to Chueca and Huertas, looking for spacious and bright homes. Chinese and Russian buyers opt for luxury properties in exclusive areas like El Viso and La Moraleja, valuing security and privacy. Europeans from France, Italy, and Germany seek green and tranquil areas in Retiro, Chamartín, and Conde Orgaz. Meanwhile, Americans, with a growing presence, prefer large and minimalist apartments near high-quality educational and sports facilities.

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