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Boom in the Spanish real estate sector is led by Mexicans: Bloomberg

Learn more why Latin Americans have begun to invest in the luxury neighborhoods of Madrid

Latin American millionaires, especially Mexicans, are investing in Madrid's real estate sector, turning it into a new destination similar to Miami. Since 2020, they have spent more than €700 million on luxury properties, driving up prices and attracting new businesses such as restaurants and exclusive services.

Reasons for investment: Investors seek the European lifestyle, security and the "golden visa" program that offers residency in exchange for real estate investments. In addition, Madrid offers a more accessible luxury price than other cities such as Paris or Berlin.

Investment examples: Carlos Slim and Carlos Fernández González are examples of Mexican tycoons with significant investments in Spanish real estate companies.

Consequences: Latin American investment has boosted Madrid's real estate sector, positioning it as a luxury destination competitive with other European cities.

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