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About Us

About Us

BizNexus - Your Partner in Real Estate Investments in Spain

At Biznexus we combine solid cross-border experience in Real Estate, bringing together a consistent multidisciplinary team that brings together disciplines that range from customized investment strategy, through the legal, tax and marketing fields.


Why BizNexus?

In our services, our clients find the necessary intersection in international Real Estate investments, combining three areas of experience:



In-depth understanding of the real estate market in Spain

Tailor-made consulting for the investor

Legal and Tax Coverage


Our Mission:

Guide our clients based on their objectives and needs, with the commitment to provide them with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to make informed and profitable decisions, in each of the steps associated with their real estate investments.


Our values:

At BizNexus, we strive to establish exceptional standards in every interaction, with transparency being our fundamental pillar, providing our clients with clear information throughout the process related to their Real Estate investment needs and objectives in Spain.

BizNexus is not only a company, we are partners of our clients, custom-guiding each stage of their investments in Real Estate in Spain.

Management Team

Paula Muñiz Villa 

Departamento Legal 

Ana Soria 

Cepartamento Contable 

Dáneth Negreiros

Departamento Cliente 

Raquel Martínez 

Contenido Web & RRSS

Javier Gutiérrez 

Departamento Inversiones

Daniel Carvallo 

Departamento Inmobiliario 

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