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Golden Visa in Spain: everything you need to know

Learn more about the Golden Visa; a residency by investment program for non-EU citizens investing in Spain

What is it?

The Golden Visa is a residency by investment program for non-EU citizens who invest in Spain.

Who qualifies?

Investors who make a significant investment in Spain:

Spanish financial assets (minimum €1-2 million)

Spanish company (shares, minimum bank deposit €1 million)

Business project of general interest

Real estate (minimum €500,000)

Additional requirements:

Investment made at least 1 year before (except real estate)

Over 18 years old, no criminal record

Health insurance in Spain

Not having received a Schengen visa refusal


Temporary residence permit (1-2 years) renewable

Live, work and study in Spain

Possibility of obtaining citizenship after 10 years

Advantages of obtaining a Golden Visa

Quick procedure:

The fastest way to obtain a Spanish visa or residence permit.

Visas processed in 10 business days, residence permits in 20.

Easy renewal:

The Golden Visa is valid for one year, renewable for two years as long as the investment remains active.

Family inclusion: Spouses, unmarried partners, children and dependent adult children can be included without additional investment.

Upline family members under the care of the investor may also be included.

Trips to Schengen countries:

It allows free travel to the 27 countries of the Schengen area.

Other advantages:

Opportunity to work and study in Spain.

Access to the Spanish educational and health system.

Possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality after 10 years.

How long is a Spanish Golden Visa valid for?

Once granted, it is valid for one year, but you have the option to renew it as long as the initial investment is still valid, it is not necessary to make additional investments.

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